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An image is worth a thousand words, for this reason it is extremely important to have a good photograph of your products and even your services.
With Pixel Pumas Pro we help you take your products and services to the level that will help you increase your sales, we do not say so, it is part of the marketing strategies that every business should have.

What's include?

1.5 hour of session

15 Products images

3 corporate portraits



This package is the most recommended and used by our clients, since it allows you to take advantage with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, planning in advance the list of photographs together with Claudia (Art Director) in this way we define a script and a guideline to follow .





What's include?

2 hours of meeting

2 hours of session

30 Products images

5 corporate portraits images

Professional editing

Art direction


A full production where we help you prepare the list of photographs creating a guideline to follow to meet your needs and get the most out of time.
The images will have art direction, to help them fly looking for perfection in every detail. We are creating a work of art.


What's include?

4 hours of meeting

6 hours of session

60 digital images

8 corporate potraits

30 second of video

Art Direction

El Toro Restaurant - Banff 2019-10.jpg
Gohan - Avocado Fusion © Victor Saavedra 2021-8.jpg
Wine - ©Pixel Pumas Pro 2021.jpg
La Terrazza - © Victor Photography-30.jpg
Food & Products ©Pixel Pumas Pro 2019-5.jpg
La Terrazza Restaurant © Victor Saavedra 2021-13.jpg
Food & Products ©Pixel Pumas Pro 2019-4.jpg
Food & Products ©Pixel Pumas Pro 2019-2.jpg
La Terrazza - © Victor Photography-13.jpg
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