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We have made several projects from commercial advertisements, promotional videos, corporate videos and even our own exhibition.


We are Locals

We are Locals is a project to leave a legacy to the community where we show the cultural diversity that exists in the Bow Valley by doing a photo session plus a video of the characters telling their story of how to come to live in these places. Come see us at our exhibition between August and September 2022 at the Art Place in Canmore.


Bow Valley Table Master

Bow Valley Table Master is a prototype of an online program with the purpose of showing the different restaurants that are in the Bow Valley and their different dishes. Together with two hosts and with the assistance of the chef, they tell a little about the history of the place and how they create these true works of culinary art.


Tied to cellphones

Tied to cell phones, it was one of the first long-term projects that began in Chile in photographic format and was later taken to video here in Canada. It shows Jaime, a renowned Spanish climber who lives in the Canadian Rockies, recounting his experience of how one can waste time on the cell phone and how he has personally tried to cope with this by spending more time doing outdoor sports to finally leave a small message.


Music From The Rockies

Music From the Rockies is an online digital showcase for musicians living in the Bow Valley showcasing their original music through videos that tell both their story and background music skills. Follow us on facebook or Instagram at @Musicfromtherockies


Patagonia Expedition

If you're planning a trip to Patagonia, look no further than Pixel Pumas Pro. Our family-owned business offers travel coordination and photography services for an unforgettable experience in Torres del Paine National Park. With our partnerships with local businesses, we can ensure you get the best deals and experiences during your journey.

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