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If you are looking to have a professional image of yourself for your social networks, this package is what you need, affordable, reasonable and you are going to look amazing!

What's include?

5 hours of coverage

Printed  Photo Album 50 photos

Professional editing

100 digital images to download in high quality.



If you are looking for something more sophisticated with better preparation, time and quantity; This is your best option.
We will help you in the process to study your project and we will present a work proposal to achieve your visual objectives. Do not miss the opportunity to create your images reality. We will help you!

What's include?

7 hours of coverage

Professional editing

Photo Album 100 photos

150 digital images to download in high quality.

Package from $2,250



A full production dedicated exclusively to you with the great objective of bringing your imagination to reality.
How do we do it? We will study the project to ensure that the objectives are met by presenting a work proposal with the information ordered for you.


What's include?


Full day 10hours of coverage

Bride session 30 minutes

Groom Session 30 Minutes

Professional editing

2 Photo Album 100 photos

Just Married session 30 minutes

200 digital images to download in high quality.

30 seconds video of the ceremony with song, cinematic style.

Cost per hour


What's include?

1 hour of coverage

25 digital images edited

Online Gallery


Not sure about what we offer in our package? Send your requirements to with all the details and we can send you an estimate.
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Wedding Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise ©Pixel Pumas Pro 2022.jpg
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