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Best Photography Locations in Banff National Park, Lake Louise, and Moraine Lake

Are you coming to Banff National Park this 2024?

This lovingly prepared article will help you know which locations you should go to capture good images with your family and friends.

Possibly many will know about these places but here are some tips when it comes to being prepared to capture beautiful photographs and show off that you were in one of the most paradisiacal places in the world.

We will start with a usual tour that we do when offering our photography services to different people where a good starting point is just 10 minutes from the town.

Norquay View Point

From here you will see several cyclists on your way in summer and possibly wildlife. So respect the maximum speeds and have your camera ready in case of an encounter.

Always remember to stay in your car and respect wildlife and other people.

When you arrive at the place you will see that parking is very limited, but you will see that it was worth it to get there where you will be able to see how tiny the town is and how lucky you are to be in this majestic place.

You will see on your left a giant block that is Rundle Mountain next to Tunnel Mountain and on the lower right part of what is Vermillion Lake.

Vermillion Lake

In our second location we have Vermillion Lake, which is located in a privileged place since you can see Rundle Mountain, Tunnel Mountain and other mountains from a profile.

This lake is navigable so if you dare, check with Banff canoe club for their availability to do it safely.

This lake has 3 decks starting from stops one to three, where you can see what was previously mentioned from different angles. Parking here is quite limited so it is recommended especially in summer. You will see cars, many people doing sports, both on bicycles, running, and also in the water. My favorite is deck 1 given the proximity and good view of the place.

Common photos are using the deck as a composition element and sometimes you will see people painting on their canvas.

Banff Signage

At our third stop, just a few minutes from Vermillion Lake is the Banff sign where the possibility of relocating has been considered given the high degree of popularity and the high congestion it produces by blocking people trying to capture its Photography. However, this location is worth capturing since it puts the place where you are located in explicit context. A few steps away is the Fendlands recreation Center where many people park to take photos. Generally there is a line of people but it usually moves very quickly.

Banff Avenue with Cascade Mountain on the background

The fifth stop is a must-do, given how iconographic this location is, where the main avenue is decorated with the Cascade Mountain behind it. Here there are different points where you can do it and thanks to the temporary closure of blocks 100 to 300 in the summer you can do it with a little more time but with a lot of people trying to do the same. Try to make a tight frame so fill the image at the top with the mountain and down with the people. Best hours like the vast majority at sunrise or sunset as well as on a cloudy day.

Cascade Garden

At our sixth stop is this well-kept garden called Cascade Garden, with a castle as the main element, a gazebo and many flowers, making it a perfect place to capture good photographs and enjoy.

From here you can also see part of the town and the most characteristic mountains such as Norquay Mountain on the left, Cascade Mountain more in the center and Tunnel Mountain with Rundle Mountain on the right.

This place is usually very congested in summer, so you will have to be patient to take photographs, but it will be worth it above all.

Surprise Corner Viewpoint

At number seven, we have Surprise Corner where it is usually a little windy but the view is spectacular where its main protagonist is the Fairmont Hotel with a unique architecture and very similar to a fairy tale castle.

This place is also well visited, especially in summer, but there is enough space to capture photographs from different angles. Nearby you can also see woodpeckers among other wildlife.

You can also see part of the Bow River falls, and if you are on the edge of the road, caution is suggested because it is not completely fenced.

Tunnel Mountain Reservoir

In our number eight, already finishing the route within what has been approximately an hour from the first stop near Banff, you can reach the Tunnel Mountain Reservoir, a unique place where you can appreciate the immensity of the Bow valley and the number of mountains , lakes and rivers that are surrounding you.

This place is exclusively used for weddings given how scenic it is with Rundle Mountain as the main element.

You can capture photographs showing how tiny the human is as well as part of the forest. I've been looking at this place for quite a while because of how open and spacious it is. The good thing and something we like is that it is not usually so popular because you will be able to capture photographs more calmly without being worried about other humans.

Lake Louise

In our number nine is Lake Louise, one of the most paradisiacal places you can see in Banff, although it takes around 50 minutes to get there from the town, it is completely worth making the trip.

It is super busy almost all year round, but it gets crowded in the summer, when the possibilities of going in your own car are impossible. So we recommend booking official transportation to achieve the goal of capturing this place.

It is best to go very early or at dusk since the main tourist tours begin to arrive en masse.

Ideally, do one of the small hikes there to see the lake from another perspective next to the Chateau Fairmont hotel.

By going early, the water is calmer and you will be able to see greater reflections, which will give added value to your photos before the breeze or people in canoes begin to stir the waters.

Usually taking photos from the front of people, from the side and with their backs towards the camera end up being interesting shots.

Our photography packages require an additional cost for this location since a special photographer license must be paid to Parks Canada as well as travel times, extending our work time.

Moraine Lake

At the end of our recommendation of our top 10 is Moraine Lake, which has a predetermined exclusivity time for visits generally between June and October given the high risk of avalanches in the area.

It is one of our favorite places that is increasingly becoming almost impossible to visit, due to the high demand throughout the day. There are buses that arrive just before dawn around 4:30 am, which are the ones we recommend for everything.

The ideal is to go to both Lake Louise and Moraine Lake on the same day since they are on the same route.

Here you can see a crystalline lake with an azure blue color next to the Valley of the Ten Peaks.

There are different spots where you can capture good images, but always remember that they are in a delimited area where the path must be respected so as not to destroy the flora of the place.

There is usually a lot of wind and caution is required when traveling through the steepness of the place, adding to the high congestion of people.

You will be speechless when you see all these landscapes but mainly this last one.


Regardless of whether you hire us as your photographer, it is good to know some suggestions to make your adventure more pleasant and your photographic capture more accurate, so we recommend the following:

  • Try to take photographs at dawn or dusk and avoid at all costs direct sunlight on your camera or sunlight with 90 degrees to the earth, which will produce very marked shadows of almost absolute black.

  • When it is cloudy it is one of the best times, since the clouds help to diffuse the light and thus you do not have much contrast between lights and shadows.

  • Remember that the weather can change from one minute to the next. Information to also consider, bring hats, sunglasses, and mosquito repellent (did you know that female mosquitoes are the ones that bite) in summer they usually go out very hungry to take advantage of the season that they can even bite you on your clothes, crazy, right?

  • Check the weather forecast to be prepared, although here in the mountains the weather can sometimes be unpredictable.

  • Bring enough water and some snacks along with a good sunscreen

  • Bear spray all the time due to wildlife (learn how to use it and check the expiration date)

  • Charge and check batteries and memories of the camera or cell phone.

  • At Moraine Lake there is no phone signal or internet

  • Outfits, If it is possible to dress in colors that contrast or match the environment in order to enhance the characters and at the same time increase the quality of the photos. For men, it is suggested to be clean shaven or with a well-maintained beard or moustache. Women with hair tied up due to the wind. The time of year that you are having the photoshoot is a really important consideration. Certain colours and types of clothing work best in particular seasons.

  • In the spring, pastels and light fresh blues, greens and yellows are a great option.

  • In summer, warm pinks, yellows look beautiful, as do cool sky blues, mints and aqua. For something glitzier, you’ve got the choice of champagne, rose gold and ivory shades.

  • Browns, rusty oranges, golds and creams work really well in the Autumn.

  • Warm reds and jewel colours such as emerald greens, teal and mulberry are perfect in the Winter.

  • If you go without a photographer, a tripod or self-portrait stick is recommended.

  • Do not feed wildlife

  • Do not approach wildlife and try to stay at a safe distance or within your vehicle.

  • Enjoy your trip and capture amazing pictures!

Want to book with us? Click the image below and secure your spot.

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