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How to choose a good photographer for your wedding?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The wedding Season already started!

June 04, 2022


Photography is a language and for what is communicated through images to have meaning and context, it is necessary to have a good photographer for one of the most important milestones in your life.

A good photographer connects with the emotions and the people who express them, being a good observer of what is happening in their environment, without neglecting the symbolic moments of a wedding in general.

Work quality.

When choosing a photographer, beyond the price it is important to see the quality of the documentary work they do, telling through photography what was experienced at your wedding.

If he/she manages to recreate the spirit of the wedding, you chose the right photographer.


A relevant fact is that the bride and groom, in general, in what is least invested -about 15% of the total budget- is the one who is going to leave a permanent record of the wedding, that is, the photographer.

Your budget should be based on quantity, variety, and quality.

In quantity, the coverage time and the digital and/or printed images that are delivered will be seen.

In variety, it will depend on the range of products: digital photographs, book prints, canvas, etc.

And last but not least, quality. The one that will be seen based on the final delivery of the product, edited photographs, and image gallery to download online in high quality.

All of the above will increase or decrease the final value to be considered in your budget.

Photographer's personality.

As for the photographer's way of working, there are all kinds of them, those that are well known and that become a visible part of the wedding and others that are more invisible or almost imperceptible.

From one to the other there may be good and not-so-good factors, but everything is finally reflected in the final product that they deliver and in their personality.

Choosing the photographer.

Once the date of your wedding has been decided, when looking for the photographer, it is best to always have reference photographs and of a particular style of what you would like to have, so with this you can begin to filter the type of photographer they need, based on the style, for example, White & Black.

After filtering based on style, you will have to deal with the numbers, in terms of value and what each offers.

A typical package is a coverage from the ceremony to the party with digital photos and a printed book.

From there you can play between extending or reducing the hours of coverage, depending on your needs.

It is always good to do a little research on what the market offers and the values ​​and consult with at least 3 photographers within the same range of values ​​and quality.

The meeting

Arrange at least one meeting prior to the wedding, it is super important to connect and get to know each other, in addition to being able to reach an agreement on numbers and dates.

Many photographers require a deposit to reserve the date and it is advisable to do so with a signed contract to give it seriousness, thus making clear the responsibilities of both parties.

In short, choosing a good photographer is not based on how big the camera is, and what it charges, but rather on the way they are connected and mainly on the final work that is delivered.

The idea is always to have someone to help them carry out this task and provide a solution to any type of inconvenience that may arise on the day of the wedding, something super usual, which will be reflected in the experience they have.

Despite the rest of the budget invested in the place, food, souvenirs, decoration, etc., your guests and those who could not attend, the only thing that will remain in an almost indestructible way will be the photographs and videos of one of the most important moments of your life.

Now, do you think it is important to choose a good photographer? Leave us your comments and if you have any questions we will answer you with pleasure.

Written by VS ©Pixel Pumas Pro

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