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Claudia Aceituno Painter ©Pixel Pumas Pro 2022.jpg

Meet Claudia, a Tourism Engineer with a passion for travel and creativity. As the Creative Director, she designs unique visual pieces for our store in Canmore.

Victor Saavedra Photographer ©Pixel Pumas Pro 2023.jpg

Born and raised in Patagonia, Victor, a commercial photographer, draws inspiration from his family's artistic background in ballet, architecture, and music. With the curiosity of a child and the persistence of a puma, he co-founded Pixel Pumas Pro. Meet Victor, a creative force blending art and commerce.

At Pixel Pumas Pro, we take our inspiration from the basic unit of digital photography – the pixel. Just like the elusive and elegant Pumas of Patagonia, our company embodies boldness and stealth. We believe that every detail matters, no matter the size of the project. This is where we take things seriously, professionally, and with integrity – it’s where the brand concept comes to life.

PPP black Blackground.jpg

Pixel Pumas Pro is a family business founded in Banff National Park on August 13, 2021. Claudia is in charge of management and Victor is in charge of execution. Together they have managed to organize unique events such as "We Are Locals", a cultural exhibition that talks about how 28 people from different parts of the world came to live in the Bow Valley.

The elegant atmosphere aroused people and networking was something truly remarkable. As Pixel Pumas Pro, we offer our conference management service to help capture the essence of your event, ensuring that every detail is preserved for you and your attendees to look back on and cherish. Contact us to learn more about our conference photography services.

Want the ultimate photography experience? Visit the Pixel Pumas Pro studio and store at 103A 1205 Bow Valley Trail in Canmore! Explore our analog photography services, stunning souvenirs created by Claudia, and a wide range of photography accessories. Whether you're a photography enthusiast or just looking for unique gifts, our store has something for everyone. Explore the art of photography and take home a piece of the Rocky Mountains with you.

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